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Protecting the Environment
Calmtime plants trees to counteract any CO2
emissions from manufacturing CDs

music downloads - purchase here:

the tracks below are edited from Calmtime. they are of different lengths, to suit the various times in your day when you want to relax.

Relax Yourself features a spoken relaxation induction to help you to relax even more easily.

You can listen to sound samples of these downloads if you just click on 'listen' at the top right hand corner.

relax yourself - 20:00 minutes - Price £3
(to hear a sample - click above on Listen/tk4)

Imagine entering a world of peace and tranquility. A soft female voice guides you into a state of deep relaxation, releasing tension from head to toe, as gentle music winds around the sounds of a pure, clear stream. Create your own feel-good endorphins through guidance and your inner smile.

Twenty minutes of peace and calm to recharge your energy the natural way.

"Finding it difficult to relax, I was delighted to find the relaxation download by Calmtime.. The combination of Dapne's gentle voice, soothing relaxation technique and the hypnotic background music never fails to send me into a state of deep and healing relaxation.

I play this CD nightly, just as I turn off my bedside light, and am lulled into a state of blissful sleep. Not only that, but I can listen to it at anytime, when I feel stressful, and I am immediately relaxed and de-stressed. Thank you, Daphne, for this wonderful aid to a calmer, happier and healthier life". AR Carmarthenshire

crystal shore - 5:00 minutes - Price 99p
(to hear a sample - click above on Listen/tk 1)

Breath in time with the waves and drift away as the music gently builds to fill your world with calm. Soft humming soothes you as guitars play like dolphins in the waves.

Perfect for relaxing you when you only have 5 minutes to spare.

into the light - 6:30 minutes - Price 99p
(to hear a sample click above on Listen/tk 2)

Experience the endless mystery of natural renewal as the peaceful stream first enters the light from its source deep underground.

Find peace in under 7 minutes.

harmony beach - 9:00 minutes - Price £1.40
(to hear a sample click above on Listen/tk 1)

Breathe in time with the waves and relax more with every breath as gentle humming lulls you and classical guitar weaves its soothing magic, making it easy for you to take a short holiday by the sea.

Ideal for a 10 minute escape from stress.

peaceful stream - 19:00 minutes - Price £2.00
(to hear a sample click above on Listen/tk 3

Imagine lying, gazing at the calm summer sky as the peaceful stream flows through your mind, reassuring and relaxing every part of you. Bask in the warmth of soothing harmonies as they swoop and soar like birds at play. All those tensions disappear to leave you refreshed and calm.
Just the music for a 20 minute break.

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there will be more Music Download choices in the near future. Relax Yourself is our latest download.